This summer I'm offering short 30 minutes shoots for couples, families and individuals in Park Humboldthain with a white background and flowers. Want to learn more about it? Check out my blog!

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I travel a lot for photography projects and my dream is to travel the world while working and creating. This is the best way for me to connect with local life, nature, people and traditions. 


Feel free to book me on my trips or inquire about the new destinations.



Klitmøller in the North of Denmark was our first destination during this short trip to the North Sea. The nature of the town with its empty beaches, sand dunes and powerful waves seems to be so mighty and so peaceful at the very same time. Klitmøller is also famous as "Cold Hawaii" and has one of the most famous surf spots in Northern Europe and attracts surfers of all the kinds and despite cold weather. The same happened to us - we also were caught by the sea and will surely come back to catch more waves at the end of the world.

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Instagram is the place where I not only share my work using it as my other portfolio platform. Much more it is my life diary where I try to collect memories and to connect  with you. Although it is not always easy to go personal, I think it is very important.


As I am the one you trust to capture your most intimate and personal moments, it seems meaningful for me to introduce my world to you too: my values and aspirations or the things and places I admire. By following my daily path you can get a feeling whether we are a good match for our future collaborations. I gladly invite you to join me there.