Lake como, italy


Italy seems to always be a worthwhile destination for travelling and this time Lake Como was perfect for our spontaneous trip for my birthday in late November. Escaping to Italy even for just a couple of days automatically means enjoying good food, having cappuccino and cornettos for breakfast, diving into leisured atmosphere of Italian towns, exploring unseen places, and experiencing the beauty of small and great things.

Trips of that kind fulfil me with so much energy, while giving the needed inspiration and allowing me to restart. Staying in Lecco, we managed to visit in a few days Bergamo, Bellagio, Varenna, and Milan. All of the places marvel, amaze, and make visitors want to come back. I found all those towns on the lake, as well as magnificent landscapes, so inspiring, healing, and reviving in their eerie late November conditions so that I'm scared of the overarching beauty that comes out with the arrival of spring and summer. I hope to be there in warmer days and to live through  such amazement!

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