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I save your memories - you chase them forever.

Marina Polovinkina | Photographer



*Photo by Alex Tukalo

  *Photo by Lisa Weinstein

Hi, I'm Marina! Thank you for being here and connecting with me. Based in Berlin and traveling around the globe, I'm a full time photographer who is there to capture your unique moments of love, life and your passions - be it in your profession or private life. I shoot weddings, elopements, couples and portraits sessions. I also do editorials, shoots for brands and small businesses.


People and their authenticity fascinate me. I get so quickly so passionate about the ones who are in front of my camera. I can even say I fall in love with them and I'm sure they feel it. Through this connection we get to create emotional, sincere and timeless pictures which do tell the story by saving the most precious moments.


If you got interested in working with me, feel free to write me and share what it is out there we can tell the story of together.