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What kind of photo shoots can we book?

I photograph people and their love: to themselves, to their loved ones, something they are passionate about - let it be their small business or the city they live in. I mostly photograph couples, families, weddings and elopements. I also do individual sessions. But feel free to write to me with your idea, I'd be glad to develop it with you and to capture you if it corresponds with my vision.

How long does it take to get our final pictures?

It depends on the shoot you book. I deliver wedding galleries within 6-8 weeks after the shoot. If it's a couple or a family shoot it takes from 2 to 4 weeks.

What should we do if it's our very first time in front of the camera? We're not photogenic!

This is always my favorite question! I truly love working with people who were never photographed before. It means for me that you will be as authentic as only you can be and my experience shows that this usually works the best. 


I will create a safe space during the shoot that will allow you to be you and I will guide every step of the way. I believe that the shoot itself is already a very important experience and I will do my best to make it relaxing and memorable for you. 

Do you travel for your shoots? Are you available worldwide?

Yes, yes and yes! Traveling is one of my biggest passions. I travel a lot and it is my goal to travel even more for work and art projects. Feel free to inquire about your shoots worldwide. My actual travel list you can check out here. On my photography-travel bucket list there are Iceland and Greenland, Italian villas near lakes as wedding venues, Milos Island in Greece, New York City, weddings up in the mountains and down in the sea caves. You name a breathtaking spot and I'll be booking my tickets already!

Do you help us with planning of our shoot?

Of course! This is my prior goal to create the work you'll love for years and I might be proud of. This always implies good preparation. Before every portrait session we discuss the details: your expectations, preferred locations and the mood of the shoot. If you wish I could also help you to choose outfits which would work best. As for weddings, we properly discuss the timeline of the day and I would be happy to help you out with that as I gathered a lot of experience during my past shoots.

How do we get our photos?

For every photo shoot I design a private online-gallery with all the final pictures. The gallery is included in pricing. You will have the access to the gallery during at least two months and I can prolong the access upon your request for free. You can share the link to the gallery with your loved ones and you can choose your favourite pictures just by pressing the heart button in order to use your selection for example for printing the pictures. The photos will be accessible for download in two formats: high resolution and web format which is good for using pictures online.


W e   s e e   a   l o t   o f   b l a c k   a n d   w h i t e   p i c t u r e s   o n   y o u r   p a g e ,   d o e s   i t   m e a n   t h a t   y o u   d e l i v e r   m o s t l y   b l a c k   a n d   w h i t e   p i c t u r e s ?


No, most of the delivered photographs are in color! I personally love black and white very much and by publishing lots of black and white pictures I want to showcase this vision of mine. As I know most people are used to pictures in color and it takes a while to start loving black and whites. So by posting them I often win the hearts of the clients who start loving them too and stress that while booking a shoot. But in your final galleries you get approximately 70% of final pictures in color and 30% of pictures in black and white. Those in black and white are not just copies of the ones in color. I chose them properly upon the lighting situation, motive, composition, colours in the frame, styling and my vision and turn only those into black and white that I think become stronger and qualitatively better this way. 

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