Hamburg, Germany


The evening when I met Alla and Kate for our couple shoot was gloomy and rainy, which in my opinion perfectly fitted the mood of the couple. Although I delivered both color and black-and-white pictures in the final gallery, here on my website I'm choosing to go only for black-and-white photos. I feel that they ideally showcase the industrial beauty of Hamburg, amplifying its moody charms. They emphasize textures, lines, and other architectural details, creating a visual narrative that celebrated the city's unique character.


I love the movement and blurriness in these pictures, to me they reflect youthfulness and excited love between the two. That day they told me they just got engaged which  turned our regular couple shoot into an engagement couple shoot. I was super happy for them. 


My goal was to capture their beautiful and playful connection amidst the urban landscape. I love it the most when the chosen location or the city becomes another character of the shoot and deepens the perception of their love story in a powerful way.


I hope you will enjoy going through these photographs that radiate so many feelings. 

Created by Marina Polovinkina | Wedding, elopement, couple and family photographer based in Berlin and traveling to any destinations. 

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