ITALIAN LOVE STORY: Camilla & Tommaso

Monza, Italy


That warm summer evening I was capturing Love in the streets of Monza - a small Italian town near Milan. There I met Camilla and Tommaso - two hearts in love - whose relations it was so heartwarming to watch and to photograph.  


In the heart of Monza, where history meets modern elegance, we found the perfect locations to showcase the connection between the two. As the sun was setting down, the interplay of light and shadow enhanced the intimate moments shared by the couple. As if the city was a character in there too. 


While scrolling down and looking through the photos from this summer couple shoot, let yourself immerse in the charming streets of Italy, where there was so much going on around on a busy week day. But for me, only the couple existed. And the city was the natural backdrop for their feelings. The feelings that are now preserved forever in this romantic love story.

I hope the photos will hold a special place in Camilla's and Tommaso's hearts and they surely already did so in my heart. Forever grateful for an honour to witness and capture Love.  

Created by Marina Polovinkina | Wedding, elopement, couple and family photographer based in Berlin and traveling to any destinations. 

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