FAMILY STUDIO SHOOT: Polina, Ilia, Mila and Miroslav

Berlin, Germany


Studio photography is not my focus, I shoot more often outside or in people's homes. But I certainly feel something precious about minimalistic photo studios with natural light and want to shoot in studios more regularly. Clean spaces do not distract from people's personalities, genuine connections and heartfelt expressions. I'm happy to have found several photo studios in Berlin which I like and want to come back to shoot in there, which is a great alternative to outside shoots during cold and rainy seasons. 


The pictures from the family studio shoot you see below represent the power of serene portraits. I managed to capture authentic smiles, playful glances and tender embraces, preserving the love and bond that will be cherished for generations. To me, the beauty lies here in simplicity and highlighting the true essence of each individual. 


Feel free to browse the gallery and witness it on your own. Do you feel the same about the photos?


If you want to have similarly styled pictures for your own family photo shoot, contact me to schedule it or ask any questions. I can't wait to create timeless photographs that you would cherish forever.

Created by Marina Polovinkina | Wedding, elopement, couple and family photographer based in Berlin and traveling to any destinations. 

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