Blossom in Berlin

The amazing city of Berlin seems to be able to keep a fair balance throughout the whole year: after seemingly never ending grey and hopeless months of late autumn, winter, and early spring, Berlin gets literally in one day "dressed" in its beautiful blooming trees and flowers. It lets the locals, as well as tourists, finally awaken and put their heads up to see that stunning beauty. 

A lot of people would even say the spring is the best time of the year for Berlin and it's hard to disagree. The bright pink color of blossoming flowers paints every district of the city. One may notice blooming trees on the streets, where one hadn't seen them before and would never have guessed the power of their coming beauty. The flowers with their smell and color are there to bring so much life and joy to the city and its people, who were exhausted after months of not seeing proper light or the rays of the sun.

This year the blossoming started much later than the previous one, which made the experience even more magnificent. Starting with apple trees and magnolias the blossom comes then to the very highlight of the year - cherry trees. Next to the non-blossoming trees they already stand out and take the spotlight. As part of the long cherry tree alleys they simply leave people speechless, pose gorgeously for photos, and are stars of the whole city for a couple of weeks. 

Those days in bloom go by fast though. There seems to never be enough time to enjoy and remember how Berlin is like in its best time of year. After a couple of weeks the trees' pink petals will fall from the trees -  like snow - and cover the streets and grass in a thick layer. A few days later they will be completely gone with the wind. And remaining there will be another year until an inspiring and reviving spring comes again.

Fortunately, while the flowers on the cherry trees begin to disappear, blossoming lilacs and chestnuts take over the city. Thus, Berlin changes quickly from a pink color palette to all possible shades of purple because of lilacs, as well as to red and white because of chestnuts. The bloom seems to win in its diversity and hidden magic, which makes the city colors even brighter and the summer mood so much closer. 

The blossoming chestnuts and lilacs are still in their full beauty but I'm already looking forward to that amazing day next year, when Berlin turns out to be the warmest and most charming city in the world.