It was on my 22nd birthday - November 2014 - when I saw the ocean for the very first time. It was the Atlantics. Powerful, uncontrolled, limitless, strong, enriching,  fulfilling, resourceful. I was standing at the Cabo da Roca - the most western point of the whole Eurasian continent - in a thin yellow coat watching the waves and exposing myself to the wind trying to maybe see North and South Americas just across. I wished this to happen long ago and as it usually expectedly happens, I couldn't believe it came true. But it really did and exceeded all the imaginary pictures of this happening in my head. I truly loved the feeling of being extremely small and even not that meaningful when compared to the whole nature and the planet. Because at the same time all the problems and struggles seem to lose their importance. Instead comes the feeling of being a part - a necessary part - of this whole system, of being embodied in it and being trusted to see and open up all the natural beauty. The photos below capture those days of connection to the world and myself, the power of the nature and amazing gift of being able to travel. 

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