Klitmøller in the North of Denmark was the first destination in our trip to the North SeaThe essence of the town with its empty beaches, sand dunes, and powerful waves seems to be so mighty yet peaceful at the very same time. Klitmøller is also known as "Cold Hawaii" and has one of the most famous surf spots in Northern Europe and attracts surfers of all kinds despite the cold weather. Our experience was no different: caught by the shivering sea, yet longing to come back to catch the rest of the waves at the end of the world.

Hvide Sande


The most beautiful sunset happened to us here. Those colors, textures and sounds - which no camera can capture - filled the evening with a beauty we couldn't fathom. The lesson we learned: there is always a chance for an amazing sunset, even if one thinks the clouds won't ever let it happen.   



Rømø turned about to be a very special island in the Wadden Sea with just a few houses and a vast beach which takes up most of the island. You can legally drive on the beach which tourists, as well as locals, do. But the most special thing about the place are the reflections of the sky in the water on the sand. So simple, but is extremely fascinating. 

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