COUPLE PHOTO SHOOT IN LONDON: Kate, Alex & their golden retriever Jessy

London, UK


I'm actually not sure whether naming this photo shoot a couple shoot is right. Jessy, the golden retriever, was the queen of the whole happening and the shoot went far beyond the interaction between the two. The more delightful the process of photographing was for me. It's impossible not to love dogs. Especially golden retrievers. 


Clissold Park in London that we chose as the main location for our shoot is the park where Alex and Kate walk Jessy every single day twice. This place really means a lot to them and I love when people in front of the camera can relate to the location they get photographed in. It changes everything: the mood, the way they feel and behave. 


We hoped for the beautiful sunset light but got gloomy skies instead - wait, but we were in London and we didn't have to put our expectations high about the weather, right? - and as usual, the weather conditions we got turned out to be the best for us. Because this was the moment, this was the truth and the life and that is all that matters.  


I loved every minute of being with the couple. I suggested them to play and to run with their dog as they would usually do it and in the end we went down to the underground station which is one of my most favorite motives for couple photography. Please scroll down to see the photos and allow yourself to feel that evening we lived through. 

Created by Marina Polovinkina | Wedding, elopement, couple and family photographer based in Berlin and traveling to any destinations. 

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