Spring mini shoots | Bookings are open 🌸

Spring has come, so has the time to book your spring mini shoot in Berlin blossoms. Ready to book? If so, press HERE.


What is a spring mini shoot? It's a short shoot which lasts up to 20 minutes and takes place in the most beautiful Berlin blossom locations. This year I offer spring minis on five different dates - April 9, April 10, April 29, April 30 and May 1 - in three different locations - S Wollankstrasse, Lilienthalpark and Weinbergspark. This way you will have a good choice of days and locations - both central and outside of the city center, both earlier and later in the month. Choose whatever your heart desires or wherever your little kids' regime allows you to get to. Everyone is well covered with this selection. If not, just contact me, we'll find a solution. All the exact information you will find on my booking platform, check this LINK out! 


Who can participate in the shoot? You individually, couples, families, friends, you name it. Maximum five people in total per one shoot. 

When will the photos be delivered? Within three weeks after the shoot. 

How many photos will be delivered? At least 20 edited pictures. But usually I overdeliver, so be ready to get surprised! 

How long does the shoot take? 20 minutes. 

What is the price? 250 euros. 

How do I book? By using this LINK


Dates & locations: 


April 9 and 10 - S Wollankstrasse

April 29 and 30 - Lilienthalpark

May 1 - Weinbergspark


In order to book a mini shoot, book your slot and fill in the questionnaire form HERE. There's no prepayment to secure your booking. All the final invoices (250 euros) will be sent out after the shoots. If you got an e-mail confirmation, you are all set and your booking is secure. Cancellation policy: you can cancel or reschedule up to one week till the shoot. The information about the exact meeting point will be sent to you on the day of the shoot. 


Have you got any questions? Don't hesitate to contact me via mail, Instagram or the contact form here on my website.


So looking forward to seeing you and saving your memories in blooming Berlin forever. Or at least for the next couple of generations.


All the best and have a nice spring,



P.S. It's highly unlikely, but if the weather is so bad that it will blow away all of our planned blooms, I will change the locations a couple of days before the shoots. If it happens, you will get notified by me. But we hope, it won't!