Self-portraits as my therapy

Last Sunday, I woke up with a strong urge to create, but without any planned shoots for the day. I decided to go buy a bouquet of mimosas, now in season, and came back home for a spontaneous session of self-portraits. Although I don't do such self-portraits sessions as often as I wish I did, that day turned out to be an amazing and a much needed journey of self-expression and self-acceptance. 


Setting the stage, I quickly arranged a background and positioned myself by the window to capture the best natural light. With my camera on interval shooting mode, I finished a shoot quickly, after maybe 20 minutes total. But the selecting and editing process was much longer and even more exciting. 


For me, taking self-portraits is a form of therapy for self-acceptance. The approach is deliberate, unhurried, and meditative. The primary objective is not to look for my flaws like I often do while looking at pictures of me, but rather to treat myself as I would a client or a dear friend. It's about observing from a distance, infused with curiosity, respect, and a genuine desire to understand myself a bit better.


The resulting images left me fascinated. While they may not be my greatest shots, they are filled with honesty, purity, and authenticity, perfectly capturing my essence in this particular period. As a wedding photographer during a slower season, I've found this to be the ideal time for unrestricted creativity. It's a season for reflection, strategy building, and refining both my art and business.


In sharing these images and thoughts, I hope you can find enjoyment and perhaps even inspiration. Whether it's sparking your creativity or encouraging a kinder internal dialogue, I invite you to join me in embracing the freedom to create and appreciate oneself without limitations.