These were the warm - both sunny and foggy - days at the Atlantic coast in the end of August. The primary goal of the trip was the surfing - such an epic and magic sport the one could ever imagine. This was all about either battling against or befriending the ocean (both happens multuple times during one surf session), pushing our own limits and meditating on the spectacular waves. In the free hours before or after spending the half of the days in the water we went on walks - from the nearest beaches to the nearest cities - with a camera on the shoulder. So here is a summed up selection of some beautiful moments and landscapes seen in the Portuguese North: Esmoriz, Porto, Espinho and Aveiro. These are definitely the places to come back and explore more profoundly. They charm, they take all your anxious thoughts away and deepen your understanding of yourself und the surrounding world. And it was simply such a needed feeling to be so close to the ocean and so close to myself. I hope I could transmit my impressions through the captured pictures you see below.  

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